For caring about high end surfaces, I went to the guru of all home perfection, Martha Stewart! Okay I didn’t really interview Martha Stewart but on her website, the Martha Stewart Living decorating director Kevin Sharkey recommends these steps to protect one of your most beautiful investments.


Sealing repels staining agents but doesn’t make marble stain proof. When water no longer beads, it’s time to reseal. Talk to the care experts at Marques Countertops for recommendations.


Vinegar, citrus, and tomato will etch marble; don’t let them sit on the stone.  Use coasters and cutting boards. Wipe up spills immediately.



Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners. Soap and water do a great job!


Spot Treat

The type of stain can really dedicate how you should treat it. According to the Marble Institute, identifying the type of stain on the stone surface is the key to removing it:

OIL-BASED (grease, tar, cooking oil, milk, cosmetics)

An oil-based stain will darken the stone and normally must be chemically dissolved so the source of the stain can be flushed or rinsed away. Clean gently with a soft, liquid cleanser with bleach OR household detergent OR ammonia OR mineral spirits OR acetone.

ORGANIC (coffee, tea, fruit, tobacco, paper, food, urine, leaves, bark, bird droppings)

May cause a pinkish-brown stain and may disappear after the source of the stain has been removed. Outdoors, with the sources removed, normal sun and rain action will generally bleach out the stains. Indoors, clean with 12% hydrogen peroxide (hair bleaching strength) and a few drops of ammonia.

METAL (iron, rust, copper, bronze)

Iron or rust stains are orange to brown in color and follow the shape of the staining object such as nails, bolts, screws, cans, flower pots, metal furniture. Copper and bronze stains appear as green or muddy-brown and result from the action of moisture on nearby or embedded bronze, copper or brass items. Metal stains must be removed with a poultice.

BIOLOGICAL (algae, mildew, lichens, moss, fungi)

Clean with diluted (1/2 cup in a gallon of water) ammonia

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Please note that all tips in this article come from the Marble Institute of America ( and Marques is not responsible for any damage that may occur with the use of any of these tips and products. When in doubt, call an expert!